A Newer Norfolk

The thought of a more sustainable and green Norfolk or any town that is so busy seems so scary and almost impossible. I believe it can be done in various ways presented in this presentation. The way I envision Norfolk might be a little on the high cost side but it will be worth it in the end and we will even profit from it. The economy and the environment will prosper leaving a better hope for the next generation to come after us. Everything presented tells you of what my brain is thinking and it guides to think this way also or to help you to envision what I am seeing. I think by doing everything this way or something closely modeling it, it can make the progress of a better, sustainable Norfolk advance and make this more possible.




“The Shareable Future of Cities”

  • How many people does Steffen estimate we will have living in or near cities by mid-century? Steffen estimates we will have 8 billion+ people living in or near cities by mid-century.
  • Explain how you agree or disagree with Steffen’s point that our energy use is “predestined” rather than “behavioral”. I disagree. I think it is behavioral. The same way that a person learned to waste energy in utilizing it, another person can be taught a different way to utilize it and take full advantage of it. Your learned behavior determines our energy use.
  • What correlation does Steffen make between a city’s density and its climate emissions? The higher the density, the lower climate emissions are.
  • What are the “eco districts” that Steffen mentions? Eco districts are sustainable neighborhoods being built in some higher density areas.
  •  How you see these as feasible or unfeasible in a city like Norfolk? These could be feasible in a place like Norfolk if given time and handled in the appropriate manner. It won’t be easy but it’s possible.
  • Explain how you agree or disagree with the “threshold effect” that Steffen discusses related to transportation. I disagree for the simple fact that nobody is going to give up their cars cold turkey. People have places to go, the price of the car was probably expensive so people want to get their money’s worth and I just flat-out don’t see that happening.
  • What does Steffen mean by the idea that, “…even space itself is turning into a service…”? He means that people are wrongly using spaces. Cities could share space and put vacant space to better use.
  •  Can you provide any examples that you see here in Norfolk or elsewhere? I can’t really provide sufficient examples because I don’t live here, I don’t travel the city enough to see or notice what the city of Norfolk has.
  • Describe your understanding of Steffen’s argument that, “…it’s not about the leaves above, but the systems below…”. I got from that, that a city can appear as green and sustainable as ever but are the services being used efficiently and effectively. If not, it’s still wasting energy.
  • Finally, overall in what way(s) do you see Steffen’s ideas working / not working here in Norfolk? Spend time with this question! I honestly don’t know how it could work in Norfolk. I’m from Danville and I know in Danville, it probably would not work because of the people there and the attitudes of the majority. Danville is not big on green and sustainability because it thrives on factories, modernization and industrializing to get populations up. Danville wants to attract more people and unfortunately, they don’t see sustainability as a quick way to draw people in.

Abstract #1: Let’s Stop SOPA/ PIPA

SOPA and PIPA may have been put on hold — thanks to possibly the most contentious uproar seen on Capitol Hill and in the tech world ever — but other legislation was introduced this week to combat online piracy.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-California) introduced H.R. 3782, the Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade Act in the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday, the same day as an Internet protest when a number of high-profile websites such as Wikipedia went dark. Issa says the new billdelivers stronger intellectual property rights for American artists and innovators while protecting the openness of the Internet. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) has introduced the OPEN Act in the U.S. Senate.

OPEN would give oversight to the International Trade Commission (ITC) instead of the Justice Department, focuses on foreign-based websites, includes an appeals process, and would apply only to websites that “willfully” promote copyright violation. SOPA and PIPA, in contrast, would enable content owners to take down an entire website, even if just one page on it carried infringing content, and imposed sanctions after accusations — not requiring a conviction.

Darrell Issa (R-California)According to Issa’s site KeepTheWebOpen, which elucidates the bill in its entirety and asks for people to comment on it, “If the ITC investigation finds that a foreign registered website is ‘primarily’ and ‘willfully’ infringing on the IP rights of a U.S. rights holder, the commission would issue a cease and desist order that would compel payment processors (like Visa and Paypal) and online advertising providers to cease doing business with the foreign site in question. This would cut off financial incentives for this illegal activity and deter these unfair imports from reaching the U.S. market.”

OPEN has received support from technology giants such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others, but the Motion Picture Association of America complains in a statement (PDF) that the bill goes easy on Internet piracy.

There has been a lot of controversy about the piracy acts going on and this is basically explaining it and telling how it has been temporarily put on hold and this is for the good of the bill.

My Relationship With Technology…

I get along quite well with technology. I completely support modification if it’s for the better development of society. I love to take full advantage of what technology has to offer. I worship my Twitter account (@Boss_deLaRue) and my Facebook (Jaz McKinley). I have a Wii, a television and everything else modern. Technology and I have a great relationship. I would marry it if I could. =)

I absolutely love this song…♥

Welcome To My World…

Hello and welcome to my blog. This is my very first blog…EVER!!! But I am super excited to share a piece of my world with you! Let’s see how this goes…are you ready? I’m not =)

Hello world!

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